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– Our Mission

To create weddings that are unexpected, unique and personal, while featuring experiences that make them unforgettable.

– Our Story –

Your Personal Fairy Tale is a wedding planning & design company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2015, we initially looked to plan weddings with a personal flair. This vision further evolved in 2018 to focus on creating weddings that weren’t just personalized, but ultra-personalized and included unique, unexpected or luxurious experiences.

The change in focus came about when we realized that the wedding industry in Edmonton is one in need of variety. Most options are typical, and reflective of trends gone by. Personalization happens, but often only through the smallest of touches like stationery or signage. The latest trends from other major city centres often take years to settle in here, while other trends seem to be stuck in the on position and are repeated ad nauseam. (Burlap and mason jars anyone?)

Edmonton is an amazing place to live. We are the City of Champions. We are the Festival City. We are a place of innovation and change. We are a city that has a vibrant history and one of a pioneering spirit. We are not content with the norm. So we find ourselves asking, why in our amazing city, should the options available to those looking to get married here just be typical?

So we look to be the answer to that question. Through building a relationship with our clients, we can start from scratch to plan a wedding that’s built around who they are, rather than just tweaking the typical wedding to suit their tastes, budget and guest count.

We are not afraid to propose off the wall ideas, look at old ideas in new ways and engage with the best the wedding and event industry has to offer in fashion, design, technology and trends in order to ensure the best outcomes for our clients and their wedding.

Simply put, we “Dare to be Different”.

– Our Vision

To generate change in the wedding marketplace by creating weddings that use unexpected, personal designs and exceptional client experiences that shake up the norm and drive future trends. To be bold, be daring, and most of all, to be true to ourselves.

We strive for a wedding community that supports, encourages, and educates other wedding professionals through training, mentorship, collaboration opportunities, and public speaking.

– Our Values


We believe in providing an exceptional client experience. From the initial consult to the last dance of the night, we look to exceed our clients' expectations, and surprise and delight with extras and little luxuries that create an unforgettable experience.


We are changemakers. We believe in pushing the boundaries of conventional event design to deliver unique and unexpected weddings that celebrate our clients and their love story. We will seek solutions, create from nothing, and collaborate with other event professionals in order to find the best outcome for our clients and their weddings.


We strive to be real, be transparent, and be authentic in all our interactions, be they with our clients, other event professionals or anyone else. We promise to be truthful and provide honest, relevant advice and information based on our knowledge and experience, and seek answers when required.


We believe in continual education, and regularly attend courses, workshops and conferences on a variety of industry-related topics to ensure we are up to date on the latest industry trends, and to better serve our clients.


We believe in building relationships based on trust, respect and integrity with all our clients and other wedding professionals through open and honest communication, collaboration and by doing what we say we're going to do.


We believe in building creative teams of event partners who bring their experience and expertise, to collaborate towards the common goal of making our clients dreams a reality. When we work together, we can do great things.

Our #YEG Community

We love our community and give back to causes making an impact in the lives of Edmontonians. We do this by volunteering with local organizations at least once a quarter, and by donating 5% of our fees to local charities.

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