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How We Work

Phase-Based Planning

Here at Your Personal Fairy Tale, we want to make sure your planning journey is easy to understand and clear so it is easy to know where you are at at every stage of your planning journey. So we use a phase-based planning model.

What is it?

Phased-based planning takes a project management approach to wedding planning. Rather than breaking everything down into a monthly schedule, phase-based planning takes all of the to-do’s throughout the planning process and breaks them down into clear, logical stages. The tasks from each phase build on the next.

We don’t move forward with the next stage, until the tasks with the current stage are completed.

It also easily allows us to adapt this strategy to the planning timeline of your wedding, whether you’re getting married in two years, two months or two weeks. We work through this process as quickly or as slowly as you need to.

What Might My Planning Journey Look Like?

The below infographic features some highlights from each phase of the journey we take with our clients.

We customize this process for every single one of our clients based on their individual needs and timeline, so they truly experience a personalized journey.

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